In the foundry industry; to be a reliable business partner that creates innovative, solution and opportunities in the world scale,
  • Legal, regulatory and other requirements related to quality, environment, occupational health and safety, fulfilling customer specific requirements and applicable requirements,
  • To ensure customer and employee satisfaction,
  • Identify and follow measurable goals and targets to improve Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety performance,
  • Zero defect in quality, zero accident in work safety & work-related health problem, achieving the targets determined in environmental impacts,
  • Process management and investment planning; Evaluate risk, opportunity evaluation and problem solving techniques and quality, environment and ISG risks, and ensure continuous improvement and development with all necessary resources in accordance with objectives and objectives,
  • To prevent environmental pollution at the source for the protection of the environment, to reduce the consumption of our wastes and natural resources and to carry out activities that will ensure the efficient use of energy,
  • Recognizing that quality, environment and occupational safety is in the area of responsibility of all our employees, creating clean, safe and healthy working areas in accordance with the environment and creating programs that will raise the awareness and awareness of all our stakeholders affected by our activities,
  • We are committed to creating a culture that will maintain and strengthen our position as a reliable, leading company that is always preferred for our employees and all our stakeholders with our business ethics policies and social responsibilities.