25% of the produced parts in Orhangazi Facilities are shipped to the customers as machined. Some parts are sent to the customer by performing the bushing assembly process. In Machining department, we have 43 machining centers (Mazak 6800-8800 and 10800, Okuma, Dahlih and Nıgata machines), 11 CNC lathe (Mazak, Goodway, Okuma, You-ji), 1 CNC multispindle horizontal machining center, 1 unit of honing machine (Sunnen), 2 units of DEA (1200X2200X100-1200X3000X1000), 2 ZEISS (1200X2400X1000) and 1 unıt of MAHR Profile measuring instrument. There are a total of 3 washing machines, 2 of which are ANSAN and other one is Yılmaksan.

In addition to 2 Coord 3 and one DEA device in Orhangazi iron casting facilities, our Atos GOM optical screening device has been serving our factory in all areas since 2014 in the foundry. Our sand, physics and chemistry laboratories contain all required test and measuring devices. In additition to that our facility is center of using all kind of non-destructive test methods such as X-ray, Ultrasonic, sonic, magnetix particle, Eddy current.

There are 2 Magmasoft V5.3 licenses, 10 Siemens NX11 CAD licenses, 1 Siemens NX11 CAM license, 3 PTC Creo 3.0 licenses, 2 Catia V5 R21 licenses, 3 AutoCAD LT2008 licenses, 1 AutoCAD 2012 license and 5 AutoCAD Inverter 2017 licenses in R&D department.

All types of cast iron produced in our facility are given in the table below. In addition to gray and classical nodular cast irons, new generation spheroid cast irons and vermiculous cast irons can be produced in our facility

Orhangazi Tesislerinde Üretilebilen Dökme Demir Tipleri
Malzeme Tanımı                                                                                                 EN Normu
Gray Iron EN-GJL-150
Ductile Iron EN-GJS-400-15
Solid Solution Strengthened Ferritic Iron (SSF) EN-GJS-500-14
Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) EN-GJV-300